VECTRA 3D Imaging: Guess the work for your breast work!



What To Expect

  1. Our VECTRA 3D simulation experience begins with a picture session in DrTim’s Clinic   This creates the starting point for your aesthetic consultation.
  2. Using special simulation software on your 3D picture, your doctor will show you the possible results of the cosmetic procedures you may choose to have.  You will be able to experiment with different looks until you find the one you want.Y
  3. Once you have decided on the appearance you want, this simulation will provide a basis for your surgical plan.  Because you have already seen the result, you can be confident in the outcome of the procedure.

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Is Combination Cosmetic Surgery Safe?

Breast Reduction 2Rather than thinking in terms of the number of procedures you can have in a single surgical session, you should think of safety as your number one concern. In our practice, we routinely perform combination cosmetic surgery (multiple procedures) on patients (~40%). However, we select those patients who are very healthy and with no significant medical concerns. Also, having an assistant sometimes reduces the operative time for multiple procedures, and hence, the reduces the post-op risks as well.

This is an important point and bares repeating: Elective combination cosmetic surgery should have safety as its number one priority. That is why we make sure that blood loss is limited, operative time is reduced as much as possible, and hence limits the time under anaesthesia too.


Although patients sometimes want to maximise the number of surgical procedures so they don’t miss out on work more as much, it is prudent to carefully evaluate what the body will tolerate without undue risk.  Read more…

Breast Reduction Relieves Neck & Back Pain And Other Physical Symptoms!

Breast reduction 1
Do you have disproportionately large breasts that are causing neck, shoulder and upper back pain or other physical symptoms? Then you may want to consider a breast reduction just like this patient did (who also had a body lift). Most women who undergo breast reduction will notice both physical and psychological benefits from the surgery. It is also important to note that this surgery isn’t just for women, either. Men who have conditions such as gynaecomastia (where male breasts are enlarged abnormally) also may seek a breast reduction. Read more…

Body Lift

Body Lift: How It’s Performed, Expected Results & Recovery

Body Lift How is a body lift performed?

Body lift surgery involves making a circumferential incision at the waist or slightly below it and removing an apron of excess skin and fat and then closing the skin under some tension. The incision length and pattern depends on the amount and location of excess skin to be removed. A complete lower body lift treats the buttocks, tummy, waist, hips and thighs in one procedure. Sometimes a combination of liposuction and body lift procedures may be recommended to achieve an improved overall contour. Support sutures deep within the skin help form your newly shaped contours. Overall skin reduction may be done in stages, over a period of 3-6 months or even over a year, as often only one or two areas of the body are addressed at one time. Your plastic surgeon will make recommendations about the best strategy to address all of your needs in the safest and most efficient manner.

Body lift procedures are performed under general anaesthesia with a 3-5 day hospital stay. The amount of time it takes to complete the surgery varies widely depending on your individual needs but usually is around 6 hours. To see the procedure for the patient above (who also had a breast reduction) please click onto the following link


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Body Lift

Body Lift: What It Is, Who’s A Good Candidate & How To Prepare For It

Body Lift A body lift is a cosmetic procedure that improves the shape and tone of the torso by removing excess skin and the underlying fat. Excess sagging fat and skin are caused in part by poor tissue elasticity. A complete lower body lift treats the buttocks, abdomen, waist, hips and thighs in one procedure.


Body lifts can be used to treat excess skin, cellulite and sagging fatty tissue. Many people who have achieved significant weight loss (20kg or more) due to bariatric surgery (such as gastric bypass or lap-band) or through diet and exercise are often left with large amounts of heavy, loose folds of skin around the abdomen, arms, thighs, breasts, buttocks and face. This skin can sag and lose elasticity as a result of being stretched for a long period of time, and often fails to shrink back to its former size and shape. In addition, excess skin can limit mobility and result in rashes and other sores that may lead to infection.


Body lifts can lead to an incredible transformation and help those who have lost a large amount of weight reflect the new, more positive image they have of themselves.

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